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[BeyondCore] came up with a few things that I didn’t know. One of which I would not have believed aside from an email I got this morning actually telling it to me completely separate from this experience. So when it came up I was surprised and pleased. Marc Schwarzbart

VP of Merchandising, Lolli and Pops, Inc.

My data analysis… might take 4 hours and [BeyondCore] can get to the same thing in about 10-15 minutes. Michael Lee

VP of Information Resources, Carry-On Trailer, Inc.

Weeks of information gathering and synthesis and sharing and [BeyondCore] did it right here in front of us… so that’s very impressive and useful. Joseph Reichardson

VP of Direct Sales, Incase Designs

[BeyondCore provides information that] is actionable, this has clear ROI Tim Darling

Senior Director of Research and Development, Objective Health, McKinsey & Company