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BeyondCore analyzes millions of data combinations in minutes, for unbiased answers, explanations and recommendations—to improve business metrics that matter, today.

Analyze millions of data combinations in minutes

Get more done with what you have—in a fraction of the time. Now your entire company can leverage the power of data analytics and machine learning—without relying on highly trained and scarce data scientists, or possessing advanced statistical and programming skills.

Automatically analyze data from databases, Hadoop or CSVs, using Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for statistically significant insights that truly matter—in minutes. Surface unbiased answers, explanations and recommendations to learn why, not just what. And what to do about it.

Share Word, PowerPoint
and HTML reports in seconds

Instantly export and share fully customizable reports in Word, PowerPoint and HTML—in one click. All reports include automatically-generated speaker notes, narrated in plain language, so you can stop spending hours building and curating reports. Start collaborating and sharing insights effortlessly.

What mattered yesterday isn't what matters today

Your business is as unique as you are, and it’s constantly changing. Continuously monitor your business, with zero effort, by leveraging Scheduled Analysis to easily automate daily, weekly or monthly analysis. The Dynamic Dashboard examines new and emerging statistically relevant patterns, and points out the most impactful insights—to help you make decisions today that’ll lead to success tomorrow. Significantly improve the way you compete and operate—in real-time.

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