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7 Tools to Help Your Company Get Started with Big Data

In TechRepublic’s article “7 Tools to Help Your Company Get Started with Big Data“, writer Hope Reese points out a few questions to consider when looking at big data tools:

  • What does the interface look like? How can users filter the data?
  • What are the security constraints?
  • Can the reports be represented graphically?
  • What does the provider offer in terms of upgrades? Will they include new machine learning tools?


BeyondCore CEO, Arijit Sengupta, chimes in: “You can just go try a free trial for two weeks right on the net,” said Sengupta. “If you want to analyze the data, throw it in there.” It’s one of the top tools listed in Gartner’s “Smart Data Discovery” list. Here’s how Gartner said it analyzed a huge health care data set: “BeyondCore evaluated one million variable combinations automatically to identify that these three factors in combination are significant drivers of cost. Dozens of similar interventions were also identified by the analysis and presented in order of expected impact. By focusing on actionable interventions with patients in this group to increase medication compliance, costs and outcomes can be improved. The analysis was done automatically and found in two hours what would have taken weeks or months to analyze manually. Moreover, the analysis was able to dispel preconceived notions regarding the specific drivers of cost and outcomes.”

Read the full article here:

Gartner’s full list of Smart Data Discovery tools:

Smart Data Discovery

Source: TechRepublic


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