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Salesforce Signs Agreement to Acquire BeyondCore!

Update (September 1, 2016): Salesforce has completed its acquisition of BeyondCore. We are thrilled to be a part of the Salesforce Family! BeyondCore’s small but dedicated team has already helped define the smart data discovery space (as highlighted by Gartner and other analysts) and changed how customers look at analytics. But that was just a […]

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Getting Started with BeyondCore

Data maverick Jennifer Underwood, Founder of Impact Analytix, wrote an insightful blog post on “Getting Started with BeyondCore“. She says, “At Gartner BI Summit 2016, I saw a compelling demo of BeyondCore that had found hidden insights in the BI Bake-Off demo data set that I had totally missed using Power BI and Quick Insights. […]

7 Tools to Help Your Company Get Started with Big Data

In TechRepublic’s article “7 Tools to Help Your Company Get Started with Big Data“, writer Hope Reese points out a few questions to consider when looking at big data tools: What does the interface look like? How can users filter the data? What are the security constraints? Can the reports be represented graphically? What does the provider […]

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First Interstate Bank uncovers customer behaviors and key drivers that impact operational effectiveness

How much business value could you create if you armed your entire organization with an easy to use smart data discovery tool that could tell you, in plain English, where you need to make improvements to drive critical business outcomes, and why? First Interstate Bank lacked the highly skilled data scientists and data analysts required […]

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Putting the “A” Back Into Financial Planning & Analysis

In today’s increasingly dynamic business environment, the role of corporate financial teams is evolving. To stay agile and keep pace with changing priorities, finance organizations need strategic planning and execution to work together in lockstep. They need to be able to monitor actions to be sure they support and comply with the organization’s strategic plan. […]

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