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First Interstate Bank uncovers customer behaviors and key drivers that impact operational effectiveness

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How much business value could you create if you armed your entire organization with an easy to use smart data discovery tool that could tell you, in plain English, where you need to make improvements to drive critical business outcomes, and why?

First Interstate Bank lacked the highly skilled data scientists and data analysts required to meet the escalating demand of advanced analytics. They needed an analytics-driven solution that could enable rapid iteration and statistical testing to develop defensible business forecasts, understand key drivers of business outcomes, and provide continuous monitoring of operational data.

Read the complimentary case study to learn how BeyondCore helped First Interstate Bank:

  • Empower business users to perform advanced analytics
  • Enable rapid time-to-insights
  • Reduce business risk by operationalizing analytics to uncover key drivers of business outcomes
    that are timely and actionable


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