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Getting Started with BeyondCore

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Data maverick Jennifer Underwood, Founder of Impact Analytix, wrote an insightful blog post on “Getting Started with BeyondCore“. She says, “At Gartner BI Summit 2016, I saw a compelling demo of BeyondCore that had found hidden insights in the BI Bake-Off demo data set that I had totally missed using Power BI and Quick Insights. I was intrigued. I knew BeyondCore was cited as an up and coming Gartner Smart Data Discovery vendor but I had not tried it. After running a few data sets through it and meeting several existing customers from major banks, McKinsey, and Fortune 500 companies, I am impressed.”

BeyondCore analyzes millions of data combinations in minutes, for unbiased answers, explanations and recommendations. Unlike manual data analysis, BeyondCore Smart Data Discovery automatically finds and explains statistically significant key metric drivers that truly matter. It explains what happened, why it happened, what will happen and how you can improve it.

Want to get started with BeyondCore? Check out Jennifer Underwood’s awesome blog and start a free trial:


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