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Empower Every Business User with the Power of Analytics


Find All of The Insights

Finding insights in datasets with millions of rows across hundreds of columns is like searching for needles in a haystack. With Smart Pattern Discovery technology, BeyondCore automatically examines all of the possible variable combinations in a dataset and exhaustively finds all of the insights. We eliminate the manual trial-and-error process of traditional hypothesis-driven analysis.


Automate Statistical Analysis

Analysis that drives actionable insights requires more than simply visualizing data. Business users need sophisticated statistical and modeling tools to distinguish real insights from false patterns. The patented algorithms in BeyondCore combine machine learning and regression analysis to define the mathematical relationships in the data. We point out which findings are important for the user to examine and why they are statistically significant, without requiring the business user to build mathematical models or write algorithms.


Explanation and Guided Exploration

It is difficult to accurately interpret a graph and understand the relationships between the graphs. For each graph, BeyondCore explains the key insights, focuses the user's attention on the crucial details, and recommends additional graphs that the user should see to better understand related patterns and the overall context. Users can still specify any graph they wish to see, and BeyondCore treats it as a starting point for further guided exploration.


Prescriptions for Action

The true value of analytics is realized when users progress from finding patterns to taking actions that impact their business. Based on the user’s interaction, BeyondCore generates mathematical models to prescribe specific actions that users can take and predict the impact on their business metric. BeyondCore’s models can be exported as R code for further analysis or refinement by data scientists.


Share and Collaborate Securely

Business users are most effective when they can collaborate around the analysis securely, reliably, and without risking data privacy. BeyondCore analysis reveals the statistical insights in the data without exposing the data itself, thus enabling open collaboration without privacy concerns. The story that BeyondCore automatically generates is fully customizable by users. Stories can also be exported and shared as Word, PowerPoint, and HTML documents.

BeyondCore versus typical Visualization Tools


Bolded features are unique to BeyondCore (15 granted patents)


Smart Data Discovery and Predictive / Prescriptive

Analyst for Office

Basic Smart Data Discovery + Add-In for BeyondCore

Self-Service BI

Manually hunt and visualize data

Access, blend, transform data from multiple data sources



Automated Self-learning Data Cleansing

Detection Only

Draw any graph you know you want to see (hypothesis driven)

Hypothesis-free Analysis finds and explains graphs you should see

Guided Analysis shows related graphs and explains hidden patterns

Automated Statistical Validation of each graph

Auto-generated Narrative Explanation for each graph

Truly Dynamic Dashboards detect and explain the key changes today

Word and PowerPoint reports (Analyst for Office adds interactivity)

Animated Briefing talks you through the key insights

Link To Data analyzes data in place without moving raw data to the cloud

Privacy By Default leveraging K-anonymity

Secure collaboration across different user types


Audit and monitoring of data / analysis / model / collaboration

Automated Diagnostic Analysis detects underlying causes for each graph


Automated Predictive Analysis explains what will happen

One-Click Prescriptive Analysis explains how to improve key metrics

Automated K-fold Model Validation and model simplification

Auto-generated Narrative Explanation for each prediction

Export auto-created models in R code

Starting data size (larger sizes available for enterprise customers)

10M Rows, 50 Columns

1M Rows, 25 Columns


Limitations of Free or Trial version

15-day Free Trial

100K Rows, 10 Columns, 10 Analyses Each Month


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