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Putting the “A” Back Into Financial Planning & Analysis

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In today’s increasingly dynamic business environment, the role of corporate financial teams is evolving. To stay agile and keep pace with changing priorities, finance organizations need strategic planning and execution to work together in lockstep. They need to be able to monitor actions to be sure they support and comply with the organization’s strategic plan. And they need to be able to identify new issues and challenges that should be considered as part of the company’s strategic objectives. BeyondCore helps CFOs meet today’s challenges and enables organizations to put the “A” back in Financial Planning & Analysis.
BeyondCore delivers rapid analysis and high-quality insights to close the operational gap, enabling users with basic business knowledge to take advantage of data analytics to drive their decisions.
Read the complimentary solution brief to learn how BeyondCore has helped businesses:


  • Operationalize Analytics to Improve Credit and Collections Policy
  • Improve Process Management to Maximize Working Capital
  • Identify the Root Cause of Payment Issues to Improve A/R Management
  • Analyze Profit Leakage to Reveal Inventory Management Compliance Issues


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